Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh my goodness I am in love... with a new writing strategy!!! I learned about it recently but I so wish I learned about it years ago! It's called squiggles! Essentially there is a line of some sort in a box and the student has to use that line to create a picture. Once they are done creating their picture they have to write about their picture (on topic writing - woohoo!). Who would have thought that a simple line inside a box could be so genius?!? I do not know the original creator behind this idea... but they are a genius - I wish I did so I could give them credit!! The students have been blowing me away with their creativity and their original thoughts (a big CC bonus). Take a look at some of the wonderful student samples below! I am so proud of them! P.S. I am not a pro on this by any means... I've simply learned through the grape vine and PLC time with my co-workers. We all attended the kindergarten conference in November and this was one of the sessions with Patricia Pavelka in her "Differentiating Assignments Through Literacy Centers" seminar.

This student made her line into a dog!! 

How cool is this?? A rocket ship! Love it!

A dresser?? Did you see a dresser? How creative! Love it!

This simple idea could easily be used for expository, narrative, and even opinion!!! I just love, love, love it! And best of all... so do my little ones! They think its the best thing ever!

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