Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day


I am so excited for the second half of the year and all that we have planned. My students are making a ton of growth and its so rewarding to see the huge jumps they have made.

I am preparing for the next few months ahead of time and have already completed some new units!! Here is some of what I am up to! I have just finished my Valentine's Day unit! It's a super cute mini math and literacy unit that covers many common core standards. Get an exclusive look into some of the items that aren't featured in my TPT store. Take a peek at my store page HERE for more images of items included in this unit! You can purchase it from TPT or Teachers Notebook HERE

Happy early Valentine's Day! Stay tuned for some pictures of crafts we will be doing! :)

Here is some candy heart graphing in progress! 
Her hearts are in a baggy to the left so they could stay nice and clean!!!

Valentine's for the parents! This is the front of the card - 
inside they wrote why they loved their parents. :)